Now that my bathroom remodeling is done, I can stand back and admire all of the lighting that Winnie helped me to select. Thank you, Winnie, for all of your help! The lights are beautiful, and I am especially grateful that you found alternative lights for me (that are just as beautiful as my original selection) when I found out my original selection was on backorder from the manufacturer for a couple of months (big “no-no” for contractors who are waiting). I also appreciate how reasonably priced everything is! I was going to order a lamp on-line thinking it would be cheaper, but my jaw dropped when I checked with Winnie, and she quoted me 1/2 the price!!!! – Lynn C.

This place has everything! I met with Winnie and couldn’t be happier I did. She is very helpful and courteous and replied promptly to my emails. Thanks Winnie! – Miguel P.

This place has a wide variety of household electric supplies and materials. the service is good and the people are very friendly. great place to create working relationships if you are a contractor or work in construction or electrical. – Kiki N.

Four Reasons to Shop at Universal Electric Supply Co.

  • Competitive prices
  • Wide selection of brands
  • Premium quality products
  • Unsurpassed customer service